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Columbia University, B.A. Philosophy
Rice University, M.A. Mysticism (incomplete)


From early childhood to 18 years old, I was a devout member of the First Baptist Church in deer Park, TX, where I rigorously studied theology and Christian apologetics.

As an early adult, like many young adults, I became discontent with certain notions of the divine, which had been clouded by particular dogma and appeared to be man-made and contradictory to a Perfect Being. As a result, I decided to seek Truth through the rigors of Analytic philosophy.

Over time, the rigor of logical argument also began to feel somewhat empty, devoid of the magical and mystical. I decided to set aside my quest for Universal Truth and began rigorous psychotherapy (funny enough, with a woman who studied under Timothy Leary at Harvard). My search for truth had shifted from the Universal to the personal.

after a serious of revelations and breakthroughs on the psychologist’s couch, something peculiar began to happen - I began to experience mystical visions.

As my spiritual path began to reawaken, my gifts of divination began to flourish, and it is my wish to use these gifts to help you flourish and find happiness in your own life.

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