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A Song For Light and Dark
Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr. Poetry

"A Song for Light and Dark"
by: Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr.

If the gate slams before me,
you can find me
rolling in the dust
or bathing in the mud.

The carcass hands on the wall,
bleeding before us all,
but your hero's been gone too long,
so you start singing a somber song.

Fall in and out of love,
you fit me like OJ's glove.
Where once we were inseparable,
now we're incompatible.

But I'm trying to keep it light,
I'm trying to keep it light,
trying to find the light,
keep fighting,
though I'm scared
and breathing
that heavy air.

Acid and Adderall
fills the void
after all.
My body's a temple
for you-
just put it in your mouth,
consume, consume, consume.

But the song's not over yet;
I've got a whole pack of cigarettes.
With a backpack
and no regrets,
I must be on my way.

I once heard a river
weeping for her mother
and her long lost brother
in the metaphorical war.

I've got prison letters
from a man I once called home.

Pairing a white gown
with some high heels
and a red frown.
A honeymoon in Disney World,
the older man
and his blue girl.

But the leaves started turning green,
the night that you left me.

If the gate slams before me,
you can find me
in the dust,
I flourish
in the mud.

I'm but a blossom,
blooming in the dead of night.