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☾Your Emotions are Valid ❤︎

Greetings, friends!

Today is the day of Luna, and as the moon is trining Venus in Capricorn, we can find new faith and beauty in our work and love life. Furthermore, Mercury is in Pisces, which is a time to reflect on communication in an imaginative or artistic way.

In light of this particular flavor, I’ve pulled a few Tarot cards on which to reflect.

The first card I pulled was the Three of Swords, which was upright. This card represents a possible emotional loss. Perhaps you are feeling sad at a loss of a dream, relationship or some goal you set out to accomplish did not turn out the way you had planned. Allow yourself to express this sadness. Crying or talking to a loved one is a way to cleanse the soul & emerge anew.

I asked the Tarot for any further insights, and the second card revealed was the Nine of Swords, which was reversed. This card represents negative thoughts and possibly fear. This reinforces to me, that perhaps some of you are feeling a deep sense of loss and are lost in negative thoughts about what has gone wrong in the past. Perhaps you are allowing past negative experiences to cloud your perception of the future, and you are stuck in fear. Allow yourself to remember that there are multiple ways to perceive a situation, and that the past is a memory, a movie you are replaying. Allow yourself to turn off the movie. The past is not real and does not define the future. Every loss is an opportunity for new awakening and possibilities. Allow yourself to release self-limiting beliefs and have faith that the Universe is on your side.

In light of these two cards, and with the particular planetary alignments of today, perhaps a way to push through your grief is through artistic expression. Allow yourself to delve into the Imaginal realm and find the beauty within. Perhaps allow yourself to draw a mandala in your favorite colors. Find beauty and healing by allowing your emotions to rise to the surface.

The final card I drew was the Two of Pentacles, which was upright. Perhaps you find yourself having to balance the physical demands of your job and your emotions, which you push down under the surface. Keep in mind the big picture. Material security has its value, but connection with your inner self is where true happiness is found. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling. If we get caught up too much in the physical demands of our labor, we lose connection with ourselves. 

The moon is exalted today in Taurus; have confidence in the emotions you have been denying. Feel grounded and firm that your feelings are valid. Express them creativity, and you will find beauty, grace and ease as you move forward, feeling more deeply connected to yourself and the Universe. 

Blessed be!
☆ Amanda ★
HTX Oracle

S02 E06 - Katie McGee

Sutnam, fellow beings of consciousness!

Hi! Hello! Welcome back to A Thousand Serious Moves with Amanda Holstien!

On this episode, I give a brief reflection on my new journey of sobriety *cries inside*. I  talk about how I came to this realization and a few things I’ve learned already, like: how much I like alcohol. I also give a brief reflection on the size of the Bachelors’ dicks. Additionally, I sit down and have a conversation with Houston comic (soon to be NYC comic), Katie McGee. 

Katie and I talk about being raised in a Christian home and the baggage we have learned/are learning to unpack because of it. We talk about the process of learning to have a relationship with God that isn’t attached to dogma we had previously learned. We also talk about 69’ing.

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