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S02 E08- Doug Sanders

Sutnam, y’all!

Welcome back to A Thousand Serious Moves! On today’s episode I have a conversation with Houston comic, Doug Sanders. We talk about mental and physical health- therapy, yoga, etc. We also chat about the subconscious and relationships influenced by said subconscious. Doug has an upcoming show with Ku Egenti at the Houston Improv July 18th at 8pm. Make sure you check him out!

On this episode, I also further reflect on quitting drinking and read a reflection by the Hindu Mystic, Vivekananda called “The Open Secret”. I also reveal a secret of my own; stay tuned until the end for the big reveal!

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S02 E05 - Adam Lecea

Namaste, y'all!

On this week's episode of A Thousand Serious Moves, I chat with an old friend from Faith Christian Academy, Adam Lecea. We chat about our spiritual journeys, Atheism, Buddhism & more!

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Amanda Holstien

Dead King

"Dead King"
by: Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr.

You are my Dead King
where even in my dreams
you reign
but with a shaky scepter-
Your skin, grey and soft,
I could've sworn you were dead,
yet there you are
teetering amongst us,
a little drunk, it seems-
the truth, not so far off in dreams.
I go to hug you
and your body melts.
What was once a great ruler, now
draped in dark and dust.
Daddy, King
you too have fallen
amongst the many men you thought you were invincible. 
Now, I am no longer
easily convincible
that you were a god.
I believed in you though
up till now-
where here you are before me
behind a smokey screen, in my dreams-
where even now you fall
flat, hard, a heavy pillar,
now shattered into large chunks and ashy pieces-
piece, piece, rest in peace
my once alive and now Dead King.

A Song For Light and Dark
Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr. Poetry

"A Song for Light and Dark"
by: Amanda Kay Holstien, Sr.

If the gate slams before me,
you can find me
rolling in the dust
or bathing in the mud.

The carcass hands on the wall,
bleeding before us all,
but your hero's been gone too long,
so you start singing a somber song.

Fall in and out of love,
you fit me like OJ's glove.
Where once we were inseparable,
now we're incompatible.

But I'm trying to keep it light,
I'm trying to keep it light,
trying to find the light,
keep fighting,
though I'm scared
and breathing
that heavy air.

Acid and Adderall
fills the void
after all.
My body's a temple
for you-
just put it in your mouth,
consume, consume, consume.

But the song's not over yet;
I've got a whole pack of cigarettes.
With a backpack
and no regrets,
I must be on my way.

I once heard a river
weeping for her mother
and her long lost brother
in the metaphorical war.

I've got prison letters
from a man I once called home.

Pairing a white gown
with some high heels
and a red frown.
A honeymoon in Disney World,
the older man
and his blue girl.

But the leaves started turning green,
the night that you left me.

If the gate slams before me,
you can find me
in the dust,
I flourish
in the mud.

I'm but a blossom,
blooming in the dead of night.