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S03 E03 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving! On this episode, I give y’all some updates & further explore secrets told on Episode 3 of Season 3. Tune in!

If you’re interested in reaching out to me for spiritual guidance, please email at:

Also, upcoming Houston shows:
11/22 - Thanksgiving @ The Secret Group, 8pm
11/23 - Lady Bits @ The Secret Group, 9:30pm
& Every Saturday for Speedball Comedy @ The Secret Group, 11:30pm

I’ll be selling art for the Friends of the Satanic Temple benefit for The Montrose Center on Sunday, Dec 2nd from 4pm-10pm. Come buy some art & support a good cause (hail satan!)

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Amanda Holstien
twitter/instagram: @therapistjokes

S03 E02 - Grady Pruitt

Welcome back, fellow travelers!

Season 3 of A Thousand Serious Moves is starting out with a bang (I guess we know how it’ll end- cue whimper)!

You’re in for a very special secret treat on today’s episode. It’s so secret, all I can tell you is I can’t tell you. It’s such a fucking secret. Better to start listening now!

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<3 Amanda Holstien
twitter/instagram: @therapistjokes

S03 E01 - Bob Morrissey

Welcome back to A Thousand Serious Moves!

Season 3 starts with some lost archives (aka: I couldn’t find the files), so you’re in for a treat with a few more interviews from Houston comics. Today’s episode is featuring Bob Morrissey, a Houston comic who runs the bi-weekly comedy show Gay Shame Parade at The Secret Group. Bob and I discuss dreams, prayers, the military and so much more!

Season 3 is going to be quite a paranormal treat for you. I will be exploring ideas of other dimensions, the Gnostic texts, magic, remote viewing and so much more! Make sure you subscribe, leave a review & tell your friends.

Pussy, Money, Weed, Enlightenment,

Amanda Holstien

twitter/instagram: @therapistjokes

S02 E08- Doug Sanders

Sutnam, y’all!

Welcome back to A Thousand Serious Moves! On today’s episode I have a conversation with Houston comic, Doug Sanders. We talk about mental and physical health- therapy, yoga, etc. We also chat about the subconscious and relationships influenced by said subconscious. Doug has an upcoming show with Ku Egenti at the Houston Improv July 18th at 8pm. Make sure you check him out!

On this episode, I also further reflect on quitting drinking and read a reflection by the Hindu Mystic, Vivekananda called “The Open Secret”. I also reveal a secret of my own; stay tuned until the end for the big reveal!

Pussy, Money, Weed, Enlightenment,
Twitter/Instagram: @therapistjokes