Behold, I am compelled.

Is Magic real?… Or is it spelt “Magick”?

I recently felt compelled by many alignments in my life that I have a certain gift for writing, so here I am. I have further felt compelled through astrological and otherwise correspondences that I ought to communicate about my current mystical pursuits through writing. So here I am. Voila! Abracadabra!

For my mystical backstory, just look at my Bio page.

So, anyway, is Magic real?

Okay, first and foremost, we must define our terms. What do I mean by Magic? Are you ready? Take a deep breath. I define Magic as: A system of mystical pursuits and methodologies that enable you to connect to other dimensions or spirit realms in order to enact change in the physical world.

At least, I think that’s what is.

I have a degree in philosophy from Columbia University, so rigor and analysis are crucial cornerstones in the way I seek Truth, or the Mystical, Divine, or are aliens real?

This whole magic thing is super new to me. I didn’t even really think magic was real, or if it was, it was something evil and not part of God’s plan. I was taught a very limited, repressed expression of the Divine, from which most of the mystical elements had been silenced.

I knew God was real, and I knew there was a lot more to It. After all, if “It” is God, then “It is” necessarily Vast, Mysterious, Complex, and Ultimately Beautiful. Other Dimensional. We all know other dimensions exist. We all know there is more to the world than what we see. Quantum mathematics tells us that.

Not that I know much about Quantum whatever, but my point is: We know there are other dimensions about which we know very little. Let’s call that Mystery, God.

Or something like like that. By Its Nature, It cannot be fully defined.

So anyway, after a series of mystical journeys (about which would be a novel in itself), always in pursuit of my “Destiny,” I recently had one encounter wherein I felt a clear calling from the Mystical Realm to pursue magic, and I’m not even joking: that it was my Destiny.

Can you imagine? My Destiny?

I mean, I’ve always felt compelled toward God/the Divine/Mystery and T/truth. I have always felt compelled toward this Higher Force, which could be defined in numerous ways and none would probably be enough. The Great Mystery, of which we are all a part.

So now this Force is compelling me towards Magic.

Yes, this is my testimony: I have been compelled by the Spirit.

At least I think I am?

It is my goal in writing this blog to share my mystical and magical experiences as this journey unfolds before me. I’m already bursting at the seems with information. Guys, I have so much mystical knowledge to share and still so much to learn. I suppose this will be a journal of sorts as I grow more and more adept in the technicalities of the magical system I feel compelled toward, of which there are many.

I’ll say this right now, though, even the small things I’ve done are working. I’m still learning all the correspondences and rituals, but I’m already getting signs, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve got my Holy guardian Angel by my side (whom I hope to meet one day!), and a book of Psalms I say every day while I vape.

But for now, I suppose this is what I feel compelled to say and which I hope my magic will show: that God is Real. Alive. Abounding in Power and Love.

Amen. Selah!