Prima Facie (On Its Face)

Last night I had a dream I was at a fancy dinner reception and found myself seated next to Ted Danson. He was charming and flirting with me. I flirted back, aware of the significant age discrepancy but enjoying the moment of holding the attention of, well, Ted Danson. While we were flirting, he made a comment about my body; he said, “You look like a Jew but have the tits of a Catholic.” I was both slightly unnerved at the objectification yet still relishing in the captive attention of my audience.

I suppose this is the plight of many women: a slight unease as being objectified yet also a sense of accomplishment in even being the specific object of a particular man’s desire.

As the dream unfolded, it was revealed that we were not just at an elite reception but also an elite sporting event. Tennis, I believe. During the competition, one of the competitors was injured, and the opponent and his fans cheered on at the misfortune of the Other. I turned towards one of the judges who was standing and shouting, “This sort of behavior is unacceptable, not allowed and will be punished if it continues!”

A judge. Admonishing those who revel in the misfortune of others. This behavior will not be sustained, and will, in fact, have consequences.

When I found Ted, he had a drink for me, but his appearance began to evolve. We were still flirting, and when I took a sip of my champagne, I spit it out upon realizing the champagne was actually dish soap - what had once appeared to be a glass of bubbling champagne was now a flute of blue Dawn dish soap. He had played a joke on me. I laughed it off, despite the joke at my expense. I was not in on the joke. But still, it was Ted Danson! Though now his appearance was evolving before my eyes. His sharp grey hair turned curly and red. But still, it was Ted Danson!

Later that evening, he took me back to his home, where he lived with his mother. He was no longer aged with experience, but had become a young man living with his mother...but still...he was Ted Danson? He offered me another drink and knowing full-well yet living in denial, I took a sip. Dish Soap. I was enraged. I called him the Devil. His mother also came out and admonished him, saying “Why do you do these things?” “If you keep doing these things, you will never find love!”

A mother. Admonishing her son who reveled in the misfortune of others. This behavior will not be sustained, and will, in fact, have consequences.

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Earlier in the night I had a dream I was at a bar. When I sat at the bar, a man began talking to me. Aware of his intent, I immediately replied, “I have a boyfriend.”

“Can I buy you a drink anyway?” he asked.

“Well, yeah okay.”

The bartender looked at me with side-eyes as if signaling I ought to be cautious, as if knowing the future.

“What?” I said. “It’s a free drink. He knows I have a boyfriend. I’m not going to turn down a free drink.”

The bartender then offered me two large jars filled with syrup. One was orange; the other, yellow.

I tried them both, and they tasted the same. I was merely deciding between the colors.

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Appearances are never a full encapsulation of what lies beneath the surface. Beware of appearances. Appearances both deceive and speak deeper truths. Things are often more than they appear to be, and in fact, Reality, itself, is always more than it appears to be. Beware. Be aware.

Blessed be,
☄︎ Amanda ⚖︎
HTX Oracle