S02 E06 - Katie McGee

Sutnam, fellow beings of consciousness!

Hi! Hello! Welcome back to A Thousand Serious Moves with Amanda Holstien!

On this episode, I give a brief reflection on my new journey of sobriety *cries inside*. I  talk about how I came to this realization and a few things I’ve learned already, like: how much I like alcohol. I also give a brief reflection on the size of the Bachelors’ dicks. Additionally, I sit down and have a conversation with Houston comic (soon to be NYC comic), Katie McGee. 

Katie and I talk about being raised in a Christian home and the baggage we have learned/are learning to unpack because of it. We talk about the process of learning to have a relationship with God that isn’t attached to dogma we had previously learned. We also talk about 69’ing.

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