Processing the election. I guess there's really only so much I can do at this point. Probably best to not get too anxious about the future given that there are infinite possibilities. Some people seem very anxious, afraid; I think it's making me feel anxious, afraid. Worrying solves nothing, yet I worry. I feel dread, yet I know this is just life. All I can do is just keep trying to make the best of life. Sometimes I feel scared, like I'm sort of just floating around with few attachments to make me feel safe. I do what I can physically to make me feel better mentally: yoga, meditate, eat healthy, get sleep, write, go out. Lately, I have been pacing around, unmotivated, distracted, uncentered, insecure. I don't know if this sudden influx of anxiety in my life is related to the election or it's some other, deeper existential dread that's always lying just below the surface of my experiences. Probably the latter. That's comforting, remembering that everything is meaningless.